Discount! Aiyima TPA3116 2.0 Dual Channel / Stereo HIFI High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board Spport 50W + 50W Dual Channel Output

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product details: This is a power amplifier with preamplifier, bass, treble adjustment, total volume potentiometer control. Use DC power supply 12-24V power supply, the maximum support 50W +50 W dual channel output. Supports PBTL associated monaural 100W output. Is the use of the United States TI TPA3116D2 high-performance digital power amplifier chip as the core. Wide operating voltage, power-saving design, the efficiency of up to 90% or more. Can use a good performance of the switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use the charging bottle, or car power and so on. Specifications: Operating voltage range: DC 9-25V (current 3A or more, if the power is more recommended 19-24V / 4A above) Audio input sensitivity: 600mV Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz Speaker impedance: Dual-channel speaker: 3.5-8 ohm, Associated mono speaker impedance: 2-4 ohm, Maximum output power: two-channel 50W / 4 ohm + 50W / 4 ohm, associated mono 100W / 2-3 ohm, Two-channel output power: 12V/10+10W(8ohm)/15+15W(4ohm), 15V/13+13W(8ohm)/25+25W(4ohm), 19V/22+22W(8ohm)/>39+39W(4ohm), 22-24V/>32+32W(8ohm)/ >50+50W(4ohm), Associated mono output power: 12V/18W(4ohm)/>22W(3ohm)/>30W(2ohm), 15V/27W(4ohm)/>35W(3ohm)/>48W(2ohm), 19V/45W(4ohm)/>55W(3ohm)/>75W(2ohm), 24V/>70W(4ohm)/>95W(2-3ohm), Note: The output power and power supply voltage, speaker impedance, audio input size. Usually higher power supply voltage, can support the output power will be larger. Different impedance of the speaker, can support the output power is also different, usually the speaker Oh less power is also easier to do bigger. Wiring : First connect the speaker cable, audio input line, confirm the wiring is correct and fixed (such as wiring is not fixed, loose easily lead to short circuit), and finally connected to the power supply. After turning on the power, to change the wiring, must be cut off the power input operation. Speaker output “+” “-” line is independent, and can not and other lines, parts feet short circuit. After the power is turned on, can not and power positive or negative radiator short circuit, the error may burn the amplifier IC chip! Packing: 1pcs


Price:  US $19.49 / piece
Sale Price:  US $18.13 / piece